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The company SIMING d.o.o. with its headquarters in Jesenice na Dolenjskem/Slovenia was founded in 1993 as a family owned private company. The company’s main activities are distribution, representation and service of mining, tunnelling and low construction civil engineering equipment. With the adoption of representation of ThyssenKrupp Bauservice, the company started the equipment rental business and entered the domain of special low construction civil engineering.


A good reputation and market success of the company SIMING in the area of former Yugoslavia has led to a program of representations, which belongs to the worlds elite suppliers of mining equipment for underground exploitation as well as equipment for special low construction.


How it all began...

The program of agency business has begun with ThyssenKrupp Bauservice or former KRINGS VERBAU, in year 1974 where Simo Vujanović was first employed as representative for the whole market area of former Yugoslavia. After KRINGS VERBAU Simo Vujanović continued his career in the company Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik, where he quickly achieved great successes on the market and for the first time introduced modern mechanized longwalls in the mines Breza and Mramor. After that Simo Vujanović proceeded to work in companies Halbach & Braun and Klöckner Becorit while Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik was closing down the mining equipment production in Duisburg.

With the merger of companies Klöckner Becorit and Westfalia from Lünen in 1988 the company Westfalia Becorit emerged, which later renamed into company DBT, under the group Ruhrkohle AG.

In 1993 the company Siming d.o.o. in Jesenice na Dolenjskem was founded which further continues this line of work and successes. As a longtime partner of companies Klöckner Becorit, Westfalia and in the end DBT we managed from the year 1996 to implement equipment for 3 new longwalls in mine Premogovnik Velenje as well as 2 longwalls in mine RTH (Rudnik Trbovlje-Hrastnik), which are specific with its unique "sublevel" excavation methods and on the way also managed to acquire representations for other worlds best mining equipment manufacturers, such as Eickhoff, Hauhinco, Knapheide, Thiele, etc.


In 2008 Siming d.o.o. terminated the representation contract with company DBT, which was acquired by the American Bucyrus (and later by Caterpillar) and we became representatives of the renowned group of Polish mining equipment manufacturers, the company Kopex and later company Ostroj from Czech Republic.


Today the company Siming d.o.o. is one of the leading companies in the mining industry segment on the market of former Yugoslavia with tendency of steady growth. At the moment our company has an available warehouse as well as business facilities in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.


Prerequisites for our further success continue to be our friendly and correct relationship with our buyers, mutual trust and business conduct quality enjoyed by our foreign partners, fast delivery times, highest product quality, warranties as well as services through our partners or directly by us.

We're also in the process of acquiring the ISO 9001 certificate, which will be another step higher for our continuous business quality in the future.


With our almost 40-year tradition and experiences on the market we wish to offer complete "turnkey" systems, where the customer is allowed to choose the best from the best manufacturers to ultimately receive everything from one hand in one package. We hope to further stay Your first partner in our market area.


Only with Your help we will become the best.

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