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TIEFENBACH Control Systems

Automation, mechanization, and constantly increasing cost-reduction pressure call for future-proof technology, is present today more than ever.


With its innovative technology TIEFENBACH CONTROL SYSTEMS is a recognized market leader ranking first among the suppliers of electrohydraulic control systems for applications in mining, industry and in the offshore area.


Many years of experience with respect to the application processes, combined with special knowledge in information technology, electronics, and hydraulics place TIEFENBACH in a position to manufacture products which, thanks to their optimized technology and mature quality, ensure a long service life thus contributing to a high level of economic efficiency.


Close cooperation with our customers ensures that we always provide tailor-made solutions adapted to the individual requirements.


In order to warrant the highest possible readiness for use, particularly in underground operations, the Tiefenbach mobile service team is available 24/7, equipped with the most sophisticated equipment.




Electrical and electronic components

Hydraulic components




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