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Established in 1958, Zhengzhou Coal Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (ZMJ) is a globally leading manufacturer and supplier of fully mechanized coal mining equipment. ZMJ is dual listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the code SSE: 601717 and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the code HKEX: 00564. traffic, etc ...


ZMJ has an annual production capacity of 30,000 sections - self-propelled mechanized hydraulic supports with a support height of 0.55 m to 8.8 m and a working resistance ranging from 160 t to 2600 t. ZMJ can also produce a full range of front rake conveyors with line troughs ranging in width from 630 mm to 1250 mm and suitable conveyors, crushers and self-propelled devices. ZMJ products are supplied to all major coal production groups in China and to international markets such as Australia, USA, Russia, Turkey, India and Vietnam, etc ...


ZMJ owns various scientific research institutions such as "National Enterprise Technology Center", "Post-Doctoral Program" and "Academic Workstation", etc. and has undertaken research and development in many key projects in fully mechanized mining equipment in China . ZMJ led the development trend of Chinese coal mining equipment. The market share of self-propelled hydraulic supports is the first in this industry in China.Total production, maximum working resistance and support height is the first in the world. The new equipment and power of the R&D department is also world-leading. ZY26000 / 40 / 88D extra-large, highly-intelligent and green self-propelled hydraulic support developed and manufactured in our company reaches a new height in the world, together with various parameters of the self-propelled hydraulic support that holds the world record.

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