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Mining Fair in Katowice

In last week in August, together with our principals, we attended the largest mining fair in Europe. We visited the Polish town Katowice, where the fair spreads to 35,000 m2 of the outdoor and inner space of the Spodek Hall. It happens every two years, and on average there are more than 400 companies and exhibitors from 20 different countries and they visit more than 25,000 visitors.

The mining fair in Katowice is a great opportunity to present companies and their programs and visions for the future as well as to establish new business relationships and cooperation. Many of our principals gathered in one place, including Eickhoff, Thiele, Tiefenbach, Betek, Hauhinco and many others. We have established contacts with some new ones and now, after the end of the fair, we are creating new business relationships and opportunities with them.
At the fair there was a positive and pleasant atmosphere and a small part of the event you can see in the photos.

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